Focus on Benefits

Freelance Finance Management

What is the place of the organization in the Benefits Pyramid

The Basics

Operational Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management leads to an overview and insight of the planning and the available resources. With this information an educated selection and prioritization of initiatives can be made. The primary goal of a business case is the approval.  The focus of management attention is on time, budget scope and deliverables in projects

The Challenge

Strategic Portfolio Management

At strategic level the important decisions are made around available resources. Business Cases are used for agile adjustments (business case management) The KPI's show if the strategies are succesfull.

The Ultimate Goal

Benefits management
From the company vision the business goals are formulated and translated into Benefits.
Business goals are translated to the strategies. 
Benefits are constantly tracked and measured and the link is made to the performance.


What helps in setting up of Benefits Management

  1. Clear organizational goals and a comprehensible strategy
  2. An overall view of all ongoing change projects
  3. Programs and projects that rest on clear business cases
  4. There is a willingness to develop a more "agile" way of control

"Benefit Realisation Management is common sense, but not common practice"
Gerald  Bradley

Focus on Benefits

Focus on Benefits advises about:

  • steps in further developing  Benefit Management in the organization
  • internalization of benefit management principles
  • frameworks of Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors